Mindfulness Definition

What is useful mindfulness?

Mindfulness is actively observing with curiosity.

David Boswell

That is my definition.

Actively Observing – Paying attention to what’s going on.  Be alert, calm and attentive to things arising and subsiding.  Taking a close look at what is going on right now but with a little distance to not get swept away with the drama.

…with curiosity – Be inquisitive like a child eager to discover something for the first time.  The curiosity creates excitement as life unfolds.

Why is this useful?

It creates a space where you can be objective and “check in” with your current situation.  Make good decisions while being “mindful” of larger goals.

It doesn’t require you to be calm, settled or non-judgemental.  You can be mindful when you are stressed and tired, angry or fearful, elated or defeated.

Useful mindfulness can be used at any time in any situation.  From sorting out your closet to making tough emotionally charged life decisions.

Mindfulness is not just an intellectual exercise.